Hey guys, I haven’t added any content to my website in a while so I figured I’d provide a little update. I’m going on my 33rd trip around the sun, and this year has been pretty insane! I’ve gone places I’ve never been before. In February I made my first overseas pilgrimage to Japan. I spent my 32nd birthday snowboarding in Niseko, and was blessed by the powder gods with a fresh pow day. Topped it off with a dip in an onsen and a sushi + hot pot feast with my shoes off. Best birthday ever? Probably. I’ll post more about Japan later. More recently, I just made my first trip to wine country and toured a vineyard up in Sonoma County. Can you imagine owning your own vineyard? Life goals. Maynard status. Oh, yeah, by the way, new TOOL! Fear Inoculum. Comes out August 30th. Thats in 10 days. Not 10,000 Days. 10 Days. I think my brain might explode. I dunno, we’ll see. But first, off to Colorado. Gonna see a show at Red Rocks and do some white water rafting with the boys!

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